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Morbid Design is an all-purpose project, whose tentacles reach different technologies and scopes such as Videogame Development, Web Design or Mobile Apps

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  • Edge Magazine: lost in content

    Don't get lost within the miriad of games and interesting content included in the British magazine. Here is a useful index.

  • Relaunching Morbid Design

    This website has suffered a profound redesign. Now featuring videogame development as a whole new area. Check out our projects!

Concept projects

Hyper Pang [PC, 201?]: This free game pays homage to one of the most remembered classics from the arcade scene: Super Pang. Destroy all the bouncing balls in screen without being smashed! Developed with Unity.

Shootball [PC, 2017]: Game concept, mixing football and FPS. Drive the ball with your body or shoot it with your gun, and try to score as many times as possible. Developed with Unity.

Flappy Dragon [Android, 2016]: Try to get the higher score by flying across random-generated pipes, without touching anything! Developed using Unity, this game is a free test.

It's rising!

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Morbid Design is always looking for collaborators, so if you are a Designer, Programmer, Musician, or simply you are someone creative, please get in touch. The only condition is to have enough energy to create something new and interesting!

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